Clay pot cooking seems to be all the rage these days. Traditional pots are relatively inexpensive and beautiful to look at, as evidenced by the lovely products featured at clay pot specialty shop Delaza. 

What we've discovered makes us all the more curious to try cooking in one of these pots for ourselves. Two things make clay pots unique, both having to do with the fact that they are made from clay.
  • The first is that clay is somewhat porous. Heat and moisture circulate through the pot during cooking, unlike with metal or enamel-lined pots.
  • The second thing that that makes these pots special is that the clay is alkaline.The clay will interact with acidity in the food, neutralizing the pH balance. Something that is naturally very acidic, like a tomato sauce, will take on some natural sweetness when cooked in a clay pot. (Ortega even said that he will only drink coffee out of a clay mug because it tastes more robust and he hardly has to add sweetener!
  • The claypots can use in microwave,induction cooker,charcoal stove and gas stove.
  • The maximum heats can go up to 1200F,the glaze is anti-toxic.

Do you have a clay pot? Have you noticed a difference when cooking with it? get one from Delaza.................!!!!!!!

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